#MilfMonday Drama “Khloe Kardashian’s MUA Shades Her New Man’s Baby Mama”

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I am sure the whole world by now has gotten the 411 on Khloe Kardashian’s new beau “Tristan Thompson” who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his baby mama drama. If you haven’t let me give the quick spill. So only about a couple of months ago Khloe started openly dating Tristan, shortly after the juice came out that Tristan had actually left his long-term pregnant fiancé Jordan Craig for Khloe, and ever since then it’s been a mess and social media has been dragging Khloe with the man stealer comments.

We all know the Kardashians are always in the media with some messy drama attached to their names, and they always look like the bad guys. But this weekend Khloe’s make-up artist Joyce Bonelli took to Instagram to defend her girl and client KoKo. She posted a photo of Khloe standing by her car with the Caption reading: “When you don’t have to use your boy toys car for a photo and you just have your own damn shit” #keepitcute #dontbeahandbaghoe. Mind you this post came right after Jordan Craig had a posted of pic of her by a car that was believed to be Tristan’s.

fullsizerenderThe Kardashians are known to move fast with men especially Khloe, but sometimes we feel they should do their background on these men before booing them up, and bringing them in the spotlight. We never heard of this dude until he got with Khloe now he got all this buzz off of her name. Can you say opportunist??? Then on top of it you come with all this baby mama drama boy stop. First Lamar with crack as a side chic, then French Montana with his wife drama, now this. Not to mention Kylie with Tyga old ass and his baggage, Courtney and Scott, and the list goes on. I mean we have all had our share of bad boys and running back to men that mean us no good, so we ain’t the one’s to judge. But when is enough going to be enough damn.

Well do you boo boo, but it comes a time when the bad boy phase is done so let’s hope this is the last one.


Battle of The Mansions Who Won? #RHOA Season Premiere

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fullsizerenderWe were all clutching our pearls and some of us our patron, but who’s to judge patiently waiting on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season Premiere. After last season with Apollo going to prison, rumors of Peter cheating on Cynthia, Kenya embracing her inner cougar, and everyone acting like Porsha was the female Suge Knight. We were all tuned in Sunday ready for the juice ,and as usual the ladies of the ATL did not disappoint.

Even though some of the tea had already been spilled prior to the show premiering such as Cynthia and Peter getting a divorce, Phaedra getting back on the market, and Kandi and Todd threesome rumors with Porsha to say the least. However shocking as it may be the buzz was all about the return of the Original Housewive Sheree Whitfield herself and she must have gotten a new library card because she came in ready to read. Immediately throwing shade at Kenya’s half ass housewarming calling Kenya’s house “hot”, and saying Kenya’s “Whole house was the size of her master bedroom”. Sheree’s house although not done yet still left us gagging sitting pretty  at a whopping 10,000 square feet can you say #goalsaf #litaf #whogoncheckmeboo , while Kenya’s house although cute was not done either and her drive way was still dusty. So we at #nowthatstmi have cast our vote drum roll please……and it is safe to say in the case of the “Battle of The Mansions” Sheree WON!

We will definitely be tuning in all season and cannot wait to see all the tea that is about to get served. Especially with these freaky lesbian rumors, let’s hope Kandi and Porsha kiss again on the show!





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Word On The Street….RHOA Not Going Down Without A Fight

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So the producers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” have figured out a way to keep the viewers watching a little longer.

Since Ms. Leakes is no longer giving them life, word is they decided to replace her with the first transgender on the show…


Amiyah Scott (27) is said to join the cast next season.
Scott is a model born Arthur that began her transformation to female when she was 17.

Word on the street is Amiyah has been romantically involved with a number of rappers…..

Who? Idk. But sad to say I’m Not surprised at all.

I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough though.

RHOA also added  Kim Fields  (Regine from “Living Single”)


Tune in Next Season!!!! It should be an interesting one.

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