“2pac Memory Makes Noise”!

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2pac-photo14 years after his death TMI blog site reopens a interview Tupac did with MTV news in 1992. “Tupac Amur Shakur” then 25 speaks of trump’s greed and vain celebrities that are selfish and glorify money. ” Robing peter to pay paul” theory.Pac speaks of all races joining together to build a better America, wanting America to adopt an entrepreneurship attitude. Which will then make revenue for the country. Now that Trump is in the chair many including celebrity Jay-Z speak of trump dividing this country as a whole. A lot of people fell Trump was just a rich kid born into wealth. Could Trump be monopolizing America? Maybe some celebrities are too vain! Not to hate on Rick Ross but he does own 109 room Mansion.Tupac left behind interview teaches the true meaning of humility and character. How can we make America great Again, if weren’t not being great to America. We should put away our premadonna attitudes and perfect the country. Which we claim to be land of the free home of the brave.

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Good Girls Love Bad Boys “Apollo Nida Get’s Engaged in Prison”

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We were just discussing how women always go for the bad boys. Now the 411 is out that Phaedra Parks estranged ex-husband Apollo. You know that one that had got out of prison for fraud right before he married Phaedra, now is in prison for fraud again serving 8 years, yeah him. Well it seems like he takes the trophy for the Number 1 Scammer, because that mouthpiece of his has convinced some woman to marry him in prison.

Yes Apollo is getting married in prison y’all. He has only been in prison now approximately 2 years, and the ink on his divorce papers aren’t even dry, but yes he is engaged. For now we know the ladies name is Sherien and she resides in New Jersey close to the prison in Fort Dix, from the photos she is very pretty and the tea is she has a body like a stripper.

Someone post some photos of her with Todd and Peter from #RHOA, and the rumor was she was Peter’s new girlfriend. But quickly after digging she post on instagram “visiting apollo” #thenidas and etc. She has since then blocked her instagram account. But she is slated to appear on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season talking to Apollo on the phone, but Bravo wants to keep her identity a secret.

However a frequent visitor of the prison Apollo is incarcerated at says Apollo’s mystery woman visits about 2 times a week, and they are always hugging and kissing , and appears to be really in love. I guess men in jail need love too.

I know it’s a shortage of men  girl I know it’s hard, but really is it that serious. We can’t wait to see the episode Phaedra hears about this.

Photo Via Instagram: @litaf


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Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe? #LHHH Max Lux Cheated On Wife Brandi, Now Has Baby

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fullsizerender-6Last night we were tuned in to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part 2. Brandi Boyd known as Ray J’s God Sister, and proclaims herself to be the late great Whitney Houston’s god-daughter was arguing with everyone as usual. The host brought up an encounter she had on the show with Masika, when she bust into her husband’s Lux studio session which she is known to do, and seen Masika there. Masika and Lux assured Brandi they were just working on music, but Brandi forbid Lux to work with Masika, which led to the two ladies arguing.

Now Brandi has been known for busting into Lux studio session and forbidding him to be around random women. To us it came off a little insecure. But last night we may have finally got our reason for Brandi’s little rants and insecurities. Because apparently Lux has what my Grandma used to call a “wandering eye”. While Masika and Brandi were arguing last night on stage Masika bust out and says “That’s why your husband had a baby on you”. Well when I tell you jaws dropped and everyone looked stunned, even loud mouth Brandi had the hush mouth for a moment. So you know we had to dig.

Back in August @fameolousent_ S/O to the plug dropped an exclusive about a lady by the name of Brandi Bib  coming forth saying Lux had fathered her little girl. Brandi Bib contacted Brandi Boyd to give her the tea about having an affair with her man. The woman claimed she had a baby in July and had asked Lux for a paternity test since he denied the baby. Lux not only denied the baby, but he refused to take a paternity test.


Well this Brandi Bib is not playing with his ass and decided to take legal action and next month in December she will be serving Lux in court for a paternity test. Apparently she fell for the same ole lie every married man tells his mistress “That Brandi Boyd was just a crazy baby mama, and he was leaving her blah, blah, blah. It’s 2016 who goes for that anymore.


No matter what Lux is still denying it and say’s she just wants to get on a reality show and since then has locked his Instagram account. But if that’s the case prove it and take the TEST!!!! DNA don’t lie.



When are you men going to learn and put a hat on it.




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#MilfMonday Drama “Khloe Kardashian’s MUA Shades Her New Man’s Baby Mama”

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I am sure the whole world by now has gotten the 411 on Khloe Kardashian’s new beau “Tristan Thompson” who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his baby mama drama. If you haven’t let me give the quick spill. So only about a couple of months ago Khloe started openly dating Tristan, shortly after the juice came out that Tristan had actually left his long-term pregnant fiancé Jordan Craig for Khloe, and ever since then it’s been a mess and social media has been dragging Khloe with the man stealer comments.

We all know the Kardashians are always in the media with some messy drama attached to their names, and they always look like the bad guys. But this weekend Khloe’s make-up artist Joyce Bonelli took to Instagram to defend her girl and client KoKo. She posted a photo of Khloe standing by her car with the Caption reading: “When you don’t have to use your boy toys car for a photo and you just have your own damn shit” #keepitcute #dontbeahandbaghoe. Mind you this post came right after Jordan Craig had a posted of pic of her by a car that was believed to be Tristan’s.

fullsizerenderThe Kardashians are known to move fast with men especially Khloe, but sometimes we feel they should do their background on these men before booing them up, and bringing them in the spotlight. We never heard of this dude until he got with Khloe now he got all this buzz off of her name. Can you say opportunist??? Then on top of it you come with all this baby mama drama boy stop. First Lamar with crack as a side chic, then French Montana with his wife drama, now this. Not to mention Kylie with Tyga old ass and his baggage, Courtney and Scott, and the list goes on. I mean we have all had our share of bad boys and running back to men that mean us no good, so we ain’t the one’s to judge. But when is enough going to be enough damn.

Well do you boo boo, but it comes a time when the bad boy phase is done so let’s hope this is the last one.


Chester Chester Child Molester!!

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Smh so, Jared Fogle was just charged with “travel to engage in elicit sexual conduct with minors.”

He allegedly possessed child pornography,  and according to the complaint, between 2010 and 2013, Fogle traveled between Indiana and New York City to engage in sexual acts with minors and paid for sex.

14 minor victims!! Stating in text messages “the younger the girl, the better.”  And asked some to send pictures of themselves. Smh.

The complaint states the authorities found photos and videos of girls and boys. Its not 100% of the gender of all his victims he had sex with.


The case gets deeper…..

It involves images Fogle received from Russell Taylor (the head of Fogle’s foundation) According to the complaint, Taylor sent Fogle photos and videos from hidden cameras in Taylor’s house, containing children as young as approximately 6!


Now Jared accepted the plea deal and agreed to serve at least 5 years in prison, pay restitution of $1.4 million — $100,000 per victim, and register as a sex offender.

Some of Fogle’s additional punishment guidelines include; He can’t possess obscene materials, he must participate in a sexual disorders program, can’t have unsupervised meetings with minors, and his computers will be subject to random checks.

Smh. Wow

Fogle turned himself into the FBI today and he’s currently being processed.

Smh. Jared. Jared. Jared. Smh.
Russell. Russell. Russell

Sorry not sorry. I hope they find you both the perfect cellblock, with the perfect roommate, that has been Oh So Lonely at night…..

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