“2pac Memory Makes Noise”!

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2pac-photo14 years after his death TMI blog site reopens a interview Tupac did with MTV news in 1992. “Tupac Amur Shakur” then 25 speaks of trump’s greed and vain celebrities that are selfish and glorify money. ” Robing peter to pay paul” theory.Pac speaks of all races joining together to build a better America, wanting America to adopt an entrepreneurship attitude. Which will then make revenue for the country. Now that Trump is in the chair many including celebrity Jay-Z speak of trump dividing this country as a whole. A lot of people fell Trump was just a rich kid born into wealth. Could Trump be monopolizing America? Maybe some celebrities are too vain! Not to hate on Rick Ross but he does own 109 room Mansion.Tupac left behind interview teaches the true meaning of humility and character. How can we make America great Again, if weren’t not being great to America. We should put away our premadonna attitudes and perfect the country. Which we claim to be land of the free home of the brave.

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