Good Girls Love Bad Boys “Apollo Nida Get’s Engaged in Prison”

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We were just discussing how women always go for the bad boys. Now the 411 is out that Phaedra Parks estranged ex-husband Apollo. You know that one that had got out of prison for fraud right before he married Phaedra, now is in prison for fraud again serving 8 years, yeah him. Well it seems like he takes the trophy for the Number 1 Scammer, because that mouthpiece of his has convinced some woman to marry him in prison.

Yes Apollo is getting married in prison y’all. He has only been in prison now approximately 2 years, and the ink on his divorce papers aren’t even dry, but yes he is engaged. For now we know the ladies name is Sherien and she resides in New Jersey close to the prison in Fort Dix, from the photos she is very pretty and the tea is she has a body like a stripper.

Someone post some photos of her with Todd and Peter from #RHOA, and the rumor was she was Peter’s new girlfriend. But quickly after digging she post on instagram “visiting apollo” #thenidas and etc. She has since then blocked her instagram account. But she is slated to appear on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season talking to Apollo on the phone, but Bravo wants to keep her identity a secret.

However a frequent visitor of the prison Apollo is incarcerated at says Apollo’s mystery woman visits about 2 times a week, and they are always hugging and kissing , and appears to be really in love. I guess men in jail need love too.

I know it’s a shortage of men  girl I know it’s hard, but really is it that serious. We can’t wait to see the episode Phaedra hears about this.

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