Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe? #LHHH Max Lux Cheated On Wife Brandi, Now Has Baby

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fullsizerender-6Last night we were tuned in to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part 2. Brandi Boyd known as Ray J’s God Sister, and proclaims herself to be the late great Whitney Houston’s god-daughter was arguing with everyone as usual. The host brought up an encounter she had on the show with Masika, when she bust into her husband’s Lux studio session which she is known to do, and seen Masika there. Masika and Lux assured Brandi they were just working on music, but Brandi forbid Lux to work with Masika, which led to the two ladies arguing.

Now Brandi has been known for busting into Lux studio session and forbidding him to be around random women. To us it came off a little insecure. But last night we may have finally got our reason for Brandi’s little rants and insecurities. Because apparently Lux has what my Grandma used to call a “wandering eye”. While Masika and Brandi were arguing last night on stage Masika bust out and says “That’s why your husband had a baby on you”. Well when I tell you jaws dropped and everyone looked stunned, even loud mouth Brandi had the hush mouth for a moment. So you know we had to dig.

Back in August @fameolousent_ S/O to the plug dropped an exclusive about a lady by the name of Brandi Bib  coming forth saying Lux had fathered her little girl. Brandi Bib contacted Brandi Boyd to give her the tea about having an affair with her man. The woman claimed she had a baby in July and had asked Lux for a paternity test since he denied the baby. Lux not only denied the baby, but he refused to take a paternity test.


Well this Brandi Bib is not playing with his ass and decided to take legal action and next month in December she will be serving Lux in court for a paternity test. Apparently she fell for the same ole lie every married man tells his mistress “That Brandi Boyd was just a crazy baby mama, and he was leaving her blah, blah, blah. It’s 2016 who goes for that anymore.


No matter what Lux is still denying it and say’s she just wants to get on a reality show and since then has locked his Instagram account. But if that’s the case prove it and take the TEST!!!! DNA don’t lie.



When are you men going to learn and put a hat on it.




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