The Year of The Stud “Snoop from The Wire Joins The #LHHNY Cast”

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snoop-2snoopEven though we have seen other lesbians in hip-hop ie. Queen Latifah and Lady Luck to name a few. My old heads know what I’m talking about. Young M.A. had the world going nuts this year with her hit smash “OOOUUU”, and being I would say the first openly and very graphic “Stud” (A butch lesbian female) in the hip-hop world. With her thuggish demeanor and aggressive lyrics she had all the females saying “I’m not gay, but Young M.A. can get it.”

But before there was Young M.A., in 2002 we were introduced to Felicia Pearson better known as “Snoop” from the hit HBO Series “The Wire”. Where she played  a hit woman for a well known drug dealer in Baltimore. In that role she depicted a savage, thuggish stud that would knock you off ASAP. Snoop instantly became everyone’s favorite character. The real juice was she wasn’t acting Felicia really is Snoop, from the B-more accent, to the hardcore demeanor, she even was sent to the prison for murder.

Well us 25 and over ladies can begin fantasizing again, because we got our stud back. Snoop will be premiering in this seasons “Love and Hip-Hop New York”, but before we go jumping in her DM she is on their with her girlfriend (girl bye). Even though we are jealous she is cute though. So one time for the #LGBT community yassss, we fucks with y’all, y’all won. Finally we get to see a real lesbian relationship unlike some other’s we know that just need a storyline we not gonna say no names (coughs), Erica Mena, Nikki Baby, MiMi.

Welcome back Snoop !

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  1. Ray johnston says:
    Snoop I’m in Baltimore but from New York I have some artist for you

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