Ms. Shower Rod And Termite Face Still Going Strong!!

Posted on May 7, 2014 with 1 Comments

Almost a month since Mimi and Nikko’s “leaked” sex tape spread like wild fire on April 14, it looks like these two are still down for each other….. Ugh! His face tho..Yuck!… anywho…

Over the past few weeks Rat Face has been posting pics of him and MiMi boo’d up with a hint of PDA on his Instagram.


Ugh! I really would like to know the attraction. I can’t seem to get past his face.



If you caught last night episode, Ms. Faust stated several times that she was having “The best sex of her life”  but from the looks of the footage….ummmm.
Whack!! Atleast be freaky on tape. You need more than Oohs and Ahhs to successfully make a Porno.
Damn shower rod scene saved ya life. Smh
Master Slater got her in these streets looking crazy.
But if she like it I Love it!

Any Thoughts, Comments, Concerns??…. lol

Do yall think they make a hot
couple or Nah?


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One response to “Ms. Shower Rod And Termite Face Still Going Strong!!”

  1. Bri says:

    I’m so over these 2

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