Ciara and Future.. Trouble In Paradise Already?!?

Rumors have been going around for the past few months of some issues between Future and Ciara. One particular allegation that had him hooking back up with one of his other babymamas, Brittni, the mother of his son who isn’t that much older than Baby Future.

Word on the street is he has been stalling wedding plans with Ciara and is still running around doing him…

Nothing is for sure, but a few Instagram posts and tweets from them last week seemed…….


Also this tweet from the same day:


Also on the same day, Future posted photos of his son Prince Hendrix:


AND babymomma Brittni a week ago…..


She talking about Future? They still gettin down with the get down? Or are we just reading too deep? Hmmm… we shall see…

New Big Scary Ass Bug Found In China!

Ok so listen to this…..
If you plan on visiting China anytime soon do your research and investigate the area you will be staying because…….
Not only does China have these big ass hornets that killed 40 people in China last year,

they are now saying they have a new bug to deal with. It’s about the size of a grown man’s hand.

Coming From Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Researchers in China have found what is clearly the most frightening looking insect … ever.


What’s being called the Giant Dobsonfly has an 8.3-inch wingspan and snake-like fangs.
It’s not entirely clear how much force would have to be applied to kill the dobsonfly or what sound is made by the insect as it is squashed.
But, we’re entirely sure that the sound upon discovering a dobsonfly is a loud shriek scream or cry.

Sheesh! How long until this mutant is found in the states? Smh

Mysterious White Flags On The Brooklyn Bridge

The NYPD couldn’t be more confused right now.


Someone climbed up the Brooklyn bridge last night or early this morning and replaced the American flags (that are usually there) with 2 white flags. Police are trying to figure out how they managed to get unnoticed by the bridge’s round the clock patrol cars and security cameras.


White flags usually means surrender. So is somebody trying to send a message or no?


So now everyone is turning their attention to the leader of the insurgent group ISIS, Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. Last week he threatened to bring war to NYC.  “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

His threats heightened security alerts in NY. “We don’t take any threat lightly,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.


The flags have been removed. And changed back to the American flag.

Granddaddy Coolio Is Teaming Up With Pornhub For His Next Project

I’m sure NOBODY has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next Coolio album to drop……

But its happening….


At 50 years old he’s making his way into the music business again. Only this time he decided to team up with to release all his new music videos…. ::crickets::

They had an agreement of course. agreed to provide all the “talent” for his smash hit  “Take it to the Hub”  lol  and in return he will debut all his new music on their website.

This is Coolio’s first album since 2009……

I just want to say that Coolio will always be recognized and known by his hair. He’s the only one that has been wearing it like that for 4 decades. So with that being said I think it’s time he lets go of those 2 patches of hair……


Check out this snippet of his new video courtesy of TMZ


New Cast Member Joins Orange Is The New Black Season 3


So for its upcoming 3rd season, the NETFLIX series ‘Orange is the New Black’  decided to add on a new cast member…. former ‘Bad Girl‘ Tanisha.



They just threw her in there huh?

Im kind of excited though. Can’t wait to see her do the scripted jail role….
And I Love That Show! I hope she doesn’t come and f*ck up the Feng Shui and piss me off…


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