New Music …… Tisha Campbell


Yes you read it right. Gina Tisha Campbell has a new single.


“This is where it all began for me. I am a singer first and acting came later. Being an actress is what I do but music is who I am. For many people, acting was my genesis but music is my exodus. I feel most comfortable behind the mic. That’s where I feel most at home. As an artist, I want to affect people. I like to make people laugh, think, shed a tear, heal…This outlet is important to me because I can connect to people in a different way.”

Hate It or Love It???

It’s not bad.

I guess she’s finally taking her music career seriously.

No word on when the album and video will drop so Be On The Lookout!

Pray For Joe Jackson!!!


Let’s keep Joe Jackson in our prayers y’all!!

While in Brazil celebrating his birthday, the 87 year old was admitted into the hospital after a stroke.

It seems to have been caused by an artery bursting behind his eye resulting  in him losing his vision.

Once hospitalized, he suffered 3 heart attacks.

Joe’s publicist says his heart stopped for several seconds but he was revived. Joe now has a pacemaker inserted and doctors are waiting to see if it stabilizes him.

Praying for a speeding recovery. Let’s send positive vibes his way.


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