August Alsina For Calvin Klein??? [Ladies Post]


The August For Calvin campaign seems to be in full swing.

Yesterday, August Alsina posted this picture.


YUMMY!! I mean…..SHEESH!!!!

I think he’d fill them out Very nicely.

What do you think ladies??

Can he model for the company?



For your Viewing Pleasure

The Many Angles Of August Alsina’s D…… Lmao!





Word On The Street….


Bobby Shmurda allegedly got his ass in even more trouble about a week ago (week ago) that added another charge to his list.

So during visitation on June 21st, Shmurda’s girl came to see him. And the b*tch brought a shank!

Ok so let me back up.

During their visit, a guard saw Shmurda’s girl (Kimberly Rousseau), pull a black latex glove wrapped in electrical tape from her bra ( hmmm that wasn’t suspicious at all…smh). The guard opened the wrapping and discovered a sharpened metal object.

Rousseau and Shmurda are both being charged with promoting contraband. 

Shmurda’s next trial is set for October 2015. His girl pled guilty to the contraband charge and will go to court next month.




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