Word on the Street. Real or fake??

So I log in to my twitter to find out y’all are doing the MOST!

The one thing my boyfriend has always told me is never send a picture with your face in it, too bad no one ever had that conversation with Chris Brown . My feed was flooded with an alleged sext picture from CB’s side chick, Aloni. Apparently, Aloni and Breezy have an on going fling in spite of CB’s main Karrueche. Rumours surfaced that Aloni was tired and/or jealous of her role (always read the terms and conditions ladies) and began tweeting about their fling:

>>> “Her wack ass thinking he faithful, that n*ggas for everybody”
<< <

>>> Chris know where home is”<<<

Not only tweeting but being bold enough to @ Karrueche on that same vibe. Aloni and CB has been doing this side thing for about 3 years according to her and she wants what rightfully hers, obviously. Not only did she threaten to expose his number she tweeted screen shots of a conversation had
followed by a tell-all d*ck pic.


Twitter has been in an uproar trying to piece together this story. Aloni is now a trending topic and is basking in her easy claim-to-fame.

Now on the flip side, neither Karrueche or CB has retaliate, via twitter anyways, so the conversation appears very one sided. Her threats seem quite hollow when the only people responding are us, the nosy fans.

Personally, there are way too many things wrong with this situation:
first, this is not the first time “little” Chris has been in the lime light. We all know what Chris Brown’s undercarriage looks like, hell we’ve all speculate that’s what drove Rihanna crazy, but the guy in this picture…well let’s just say the statements aren’t the same ;). On top of that his face isn’t quite CB right, something is a tad off.
Two, WE ALL KNOW what lengths people will go to, to obtain fame, people do a lot less for likes? Even if these tweets are all false, she’s already got her fame and she will probably receive hush money, so mission accomplished. Then we have this suspect a$$ tweet

>>>”An hour and 30 minutes left you better tell everyone you follow to follow me” <<<

So from me, you get a permanent side eye. Who was she prior to this….? Oh, I'll wait! Now, because of this stunt we all know her. It's great marketing and there is no shade; do you! But from where I'm sitting the story isn't concrete enough nor consistence.
Lastly, it could also be a girl in on a publicity stunt. Chris Brown did just release an album, what better way to boost sales than to make yourself relevant?!

Whether real or fake, somebody’s d*ck is on twitter for the world to see. Now that’s tmi *side eye*


Morehouse Spelman Homecoming 2014 Concert Series!! Starring Future and Surprise Celebrity Guests!!!!

Atlanta came out and Turned the F*ck Up!!
For what? you may ask….
The Morehouse Spelman Homecoming Fashion Show 2014!
The event took place October 15, 2014 at the Forbes Arena, located on the campus of Morehouse.
The fashion show was Everything!!!
The clothing designs and styles were unique, but very fashionable. Very Impressive!!
The models did an amazing job. The stylist and makeup artists made it all work!!


Now as DOPE as the fashion show was, the real turn up was for the concert that followed starring Future. Featuring Rich Kidz, Que, Rae Sremmurd, Bando Jonez, Bandit Gang Marco and the list goes on!!


Those that have witnessed can back me up, but! If you’ve never seen Future perform live, you need to put that sh*t on your to do list!!
That man had the crowd so live!! performing every song you would possibly want him to perform. From “Turn On The Lights”, ” Honest” , “Ready”, “Bugatti” , “Tapout” ” Same Damn Time” ….the list just keeps going.


Stay tuned for an exclusive #NowThatsTMI Video-Mash up of the Event!

Check out our Instagram for Live Footage and Other Photos @NowThatsTMI

fashion7 fashion6 fashion11 fashion10 fashion9 fashion8 fashion12 fashion13 fashion5 fashion4 fashion3 fashion2 fashion1 fashion10

que1 que_problem future4 future3 future1 que2 rae2 crowd1 crowd2 djdrama5 djdrama4 djdrama3 djdrama2 djdrama rich kidz1

Photo & Video Credits go to our very talented media team who joined us during this event: TDF Media Group

Special Thanks to Robert Guy & Phillip Hudson CEO / Sr. Publicist The P.R. Mentality Network Agency

Over The Weekend…….


Tyga took to Twitter to let his fans know what’s poppin with him and Young Money.

He says he’s tired of being a Young Money artist and goes in on the label for taking their sweet time releasing his album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

||Gold album been done. my label holding me hostage so i can’t release nothing. might just leak it for my fans then let them make $ off it.

The music industry is a devils playground. Im a man of God.

#LastKings is what i built and the only thing I rep.

Ain’t no one man go stay in the same spot forever that’s a sucka. Im a hustler so I took what lil bit he gave me and doubled up – 2pac

Never bite the hand that feeds you. But never starve for the hand that doesn’t. #LastKings||

President of YMCMB, Mack Maine, responded to Tyga’s tweets.

||Mack Maine: Don’t forget about puttin limes in coconuts!!! What you “rep” didn’t make you or build you!!||

And Tyga responds:

||@mackmaine its about growth not maintaining||

So far YMCMB ride or die Nicki Minaj has unfollowed Tyga on Twitter.

Smh. Everybody got to eat right? These nigg*s are hungry too. Let the boy release his music.
What y’all waiting for? the “right time”??

Smh there’s more than 3 artists on this label.
All the focus is on Wayne, Nicki, and Drake ol’ I threaten strippers after I buy them gifts face ass.

Smh let’s see how this sh*t turn out





While at the airport, Waka Flocka Flame sent his bag through an airport scanner……

They found this with 29 rounds and one in the chamber!!

Waka’s lawyer says his client accidentally grabbed his fiancee’s bag from their home “by mistake”.

Hope all goes well!

Soulja Boy Is Asking For Prayers From His Fans



Soulja Boy’s girlfriend, Nia Riley, and her daughter Kamryn were in a bad accident.

Soulja went to Instagram Wednesday and he asked fans for their prayers.


“My girlfriend @NiaRiley was in a car accident and the car flipped over and our daughter was in the car. Need your prayers,” he shared online. “Life is short and you never know what could happen.”
He added, “I love them and don’t know what I would do if something happened to them. God first.”

Nia and Kamryn are doing fine and are recovering at home. Soulja is there of course.

Glad to hear everyone is fine

4-Year-Old Takes Heroin To School!!


So this b*tch in Delaware was arrested after her 4-year-old daughter took the wrong backpack with over 200 hundred packets of heroin to daycare, and handed them out to the other children thinking the sh*t was candy.

The b*itch in question is the child’s mother, Ashley Tull (30). She was charged with drug possession with intent to distribute and child endangerment.

None of the children consumed the drug.

Several children were taken to the  hospital for observation, and were all released.

Tull’s 3 children are in protective custody.

Smh…. Comments??

What? You’re A Child Molester?? You’re Fired Bruh!!


7th Heaven star, Stephen Collins, was fired from the sequel ‘Ted 2′ after audio was released confirming he had a fetish for touching young girls.

He supposedly confessed to his now ex-wife that he molested an underage girl and exposed himself to two others.

No charges have been officially filed against Collins, but that didn’t stop the news from getting to Hollywood. Within hours of the breaking news, he was fired from the sequel Ted 2, starring Mark Wahlberg, currently being filmed in New York.

The incident is being investigated by the Manhattan Special Victims Squad

Honestly speaking, he Always looked like a pedophile to me. So i can’t say i gasped at this news. Smh sad. Hope your d*ck falls off and you get anally raped. With your old, nasty ass.

Weekend Recap!!!!!


Soooo…… Fantasia Barrino’s high school sweetheart/ baby daddy, Brandel Shouse is suing for physical and legal custody of their teenage daughter.

Tasia says Shouse has NEVER had a relationship with or took care of Zion as a father and financially. So if its a fight he wants. Then a fight he will get!




Kim was caught by the paparazzi leaving her hotel on, stopping at her van, turn around, head back inside and then return with baby Nori on her hip.

Did this Bish forget her baby??

According to Kimmy, she didn’t forget her 15-month-old daughter. She was just making sure the car seat was in.




Nick Cannon said Get This B*tch Off My Back!!!!

Recently while performing a DJ set at Playhouse Nightclub, Nick took off his shirt and revealed he got rid of that big ass tattoo of Mariah’s name going across his back. It now appears to be Jesus on the cross with angel wings on the side.




With over 2,000 people dead of Ebola in West Africa so far this year, rapper Akon Thiam said he was not going to take any chances when he performed near Liberia.

Akon hopped off the stage to crowd surf with the people that were attending his concert….. In a big ass plastic bubble.

I don’t know how I feel about it. Making thousands feel contaminated. He should of just stayed on stage without the bubble.

He said I f*cks with y’all,  just don’t touch me.

I feel him though. Its all fun and games until somebody touches you with Ebola on their fingertips smh…… I guess.


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