Karrueche Tran Wants No Part Of CB’s Baby Business!!

Where is Karrueche Tran??

Not with Chris.


After finding out about his new surprise 9 month old baby girl, (with some 31 yr old b*tch named Nia) Ms. Tran took some time to think on the situation and tweeted:

Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.”  — adding a baby emoji at the end.


Duces ! Plain and Simple


Would Yall Have Done The Same Thing and Leave?? or Stick With Your Man??

I don’t blame her. He has a lot going on as is, and she’s been riding for him. And now this?? Idk like she says One Can Only Take So Much.
I guess she reached her breaking point……..


Messy Messy MESSY!!
Partying May 2013

Breezy’s Got a Baby!!

0303_chris_brown_w_baby 2

(I grabbed this here photo from TMZ)


(Sips extremely HOTT, very expensive and rare cup of English TEA!!)

Yes, Hunee.

THE Philandering has finally caught up to my other boyfriend, Chris Brown.

They Say…Chris has a BABY – who is 9 MONTHS old – by a 31 yr old former “model” (chile, I can’t with everybody calling themselves models) named Nia. (The People haven’t confirmed her last name yet…so we don’t know either).

Apparently, it’s been confirmed to be Chris’s baby.

He’s happy.

and Miss Nia and the baby girl are getting what they need from Chris, at the moment, sans “the courts.”

Where’s Kamakaze Karrueche Tran??


*More Later*


TMI? I think Not. That was just enough!

Do I Love You? Yes I Do. (Kisses)

Burgandy London

MeMpHitz!!! (and Toya)…(and K. Michelle) -Update

UPDATE: 3.4.2015 – Memphitz did another interview this week with Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI ~ and he’s provided a bit more detail on this whole Toya/K.Michelle/Lil’ Wayne/Viacom/Being a Father to Reginae thing… (listen)…
I’m hoping this young man can get his Career and “Brand” (smh) back on track. Do you??
My initial thoughts about all of this, below…

 Ok, I’m sleepy, so I’m not about to draaag this out.


Alright. We all know him as Toya’s (Carter Wright) husband, to whom which she is currently experiencing a separation.

Well, to be completely respectful of this young man…”Toya’s husband” is NOT who he is. He had things going for himself, way before Toya entered the equation. However, what I think (no, scratch that!) I KNOW happened to him…is what happens to tons of other men (and women) when they truly and completely fall in love – or feel they’ve “come up” on a Catch and can make more happen for themselves, by having said Catch by their side.

MeMpHitz ran away to the concrete jungle (the one and only New York City) from Memphis, TN and quickly made a name for himself by starting as an intern then skedaddled his way on over to VP/A&R. Granted this was a while, a while ago…but talent is talent. You either have it or you don’t. And clearly based on his track record (T-Pain, Jkwon, Youngbloodz) he has it.

The man lost his way when he married. The company he worked for felt he was being “extra” by being on TV and such and not taking his a$$ to work, so they termed him immediately. Subsequently, his ex, K. Michelle found herself with a new platform and she was determined to hit the scene hard! So, she did by basically putting MeMpHitz on blast (by stating he beat her – although she never, ever said his name) on her new national platform: Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta. As MeMpHitz was at a place in his life where he had settled in to being “Toya’s husband” and not really focusing as much on his own career (Mistake number damn 1!!) he could have made some great things happen for “himself” had he come out publicly to defend his character; instead of listening to his wife and doing what has caused him the most long-term damage of all: suing the VERY people he had tremendous solid relationships with!!!

MeMpHitz now realizes that “listening” to his wife…for the sake of her and “her brand” and for her not to feel disrespected was the dumbest thing his a$$ ever did! He should have put his foot down and went out into that world and got those damn cointz!! Mona Scott Young was willing to break him off, had he utilized the platform she “offered” his a$$ on more than 2 damn occasions. Trust me, Toya would not have divorced her damn husband simply because he went to do what the hell she’s been doing for years: parading around on TV, exposing her life. Period.

(And if she was smart…she would have encouraged that man to do what he needed to…which was Nothing crazy (btw)…to ensure he was contributing his equal share to the household! Sh!t Reginae will be 18 before her a$$ knows it. That Weezy money WILL be ending soon…so They Say).

What people need to realize is that it’s very hard for a “man” to not be at the TOP of his game. They tend to feel less-than and it F’s with them emotionally and psychologically. Men who are used to having money…always need to have money or they don’t feel 100% like themselves. That’s something women have to allow a man to rectify if he sees a sensible way of doing so. There was nothing at all disrespectful about shooting down “rumors.” He could have honored himself AND his wife. Defending himself would have helped him…NOT being ratchet while doing so? Would have helped his wife be more at ease with the decision.

Any who, MeMpHitz is back on his grind…focused on himself…using this media and these Here Internet outlets to garner some buzz…he’ll be gettn’ some bread from somebody, somewhere soon…if not currently.

 _____ _____ _____

Allow him to break this whole separation and K. Michelle thing (plus all of the minute details I left out above) down to you in this exclusive with Miss Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister Magazine.

Good Night…well MornTing! :)


TMI? I think Not. That was just enough!

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Burgandy London

Shady Boots!! ~ These Hoooooes??

Very, very quickly Good People…

Chile, it’s only Tuesday, and already folks are acting up.

WHO? You ask…

Mr. (I’m all up IN my feelings about the fact that I fell for the okie-doke and married AND fathered a child with a former stripping, gold-digging, twerking for no reason, bad mother, slor-ish, IG THOT!)  WIZ Khalifa…

(Oh and BTW…those are his thoughts about Muva Rose…not necessarily mine)

Well, in the wake of all of this nasty in-fighting amongst Amber and Wiz (Bash’s “parents” BTW??? Yes, they are parents) … … as most artists do…Wiz took to his craft to Express what he TRULY thinks of Ms. Rose…and let’s just say…he really holds nothing back. He hopped his lil’ bony a$$ on Juicy J’s new song: “For Everybody” & let The People know!!

Wiz is Clearly Upset

Ummm, although this song is massively disrespectful to a certain extent…Juicy J’s A-B-C-D-E-F-G a$$ rapping is kinda catchy and cute…as usual. Typical elementary-school-style rapping, with a nice beat!

(Listen Below)

______________ __________________ ____________

(final side note: Let me just say…I can truly understand how you can be so terribly and beautifully IN LOVE with a person during a specific season…then the next they are bringing all kinds of no-good outta you…because they hurt you. And when that happens, it’s natural to want to hurt them back, by doing and saying, whatever. But in the end? The sh*t’s simply draining and really serves no GOOD, QUALITY, EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY P*U*R*P*O*S*E in your life or to your spirit; so although it’s good to allow yourself to express those feelings and get them out…*watch* the energy you put into expressing…don’t let evil in. Figure out another way…don’t perpetuate the (negative) and keep yourself in that space…release IT and let IT go!! It’s the BEST thing for you… ~ as my dad always says: Ask Me How I Know?? :) )


TMI? I think Not. That was just enough!

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Orange Is The New Black Is Coming Back!!!!!



Orange Is the New Black season 3 is set to premiere June 12th!!

If you not up on it, you need to get with it!!

Get your Netflix poppin’ and catch up!

I’m excited as sh*t!!

I was put onto the show late last summer. I watched the first episode, f*cked around and watched the first 2 seasons in 2 days!
I can’t wait for season 3!!!!

Will You Be Watching??… I WILL!!!

Style Moment: HATLA

OK, so for those of us…who are so NOT into “Louboutin’s” – but still LOVE and WEAR cute shoes…

I was looking for some new shoes…after recently seeing a picture of my mother and father in the late 70’s – where my mom had THE CUTEST lil’ black ankle strap number on…and I LIVE for an Ankle Strap!!

I ran across these cute shoes (above) – designed by Donald’s baby Ivanka Trump. And I #love them!!

Now, I’m not sure why she named them after somebody’s Russian Aunt, but the cage-like detail, price of only $140.00 and color-block/piping look make them extremely cute.


I plan to dress them all the way down: ripped rolled-up jeans…fuschia pink baby tee…stainless steel hoop earrings with matching bangle bracelets…fresh set of color gel nails…hair in a natural, semi-messy ponytail with some damn sheer #lip gloss!


And I think I’ll do these black jeans…instead of my signature ripped denim.

(Lastly, it’s not that I don’t like Louboutin’s – I’d simply rather spend my $1K + *Coint* on other, more important things…Period)


~ That is All ~

TMI? I think Not. That was just enough!

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*Rest In Peace* Charmayne

Although my FAVORITE group member of the 90’s girl group Brownstone is THE Nicci GilbertCharmayne “Maxee” Maxwell is being recognized in this post, after having lost her life…supposedly due to a ‘freak accident’ in her L.A. home Friday night. Maxee was 46 years young.

I’m not going to say too much right now…except that I’m not too convinced of this…”she fell and had a cut to her neck and was bleeding (a lot) and her Danish music producer and songwriter husband: Carsten “Soulshock” Schack found her and called 911…and she died on the way to the hospital… Cedars Sinai,” STORY.

Ummm OK.

Out of respect for Charmayne…I’ll leave that right there.

Maxee leaves behind her son: Nicolaj Hojer.

She had a beautiful voice and contributed heavily to the group.

Brownstone was signed to Michael Jackson’s MJJ Music Label. And although their biggest hit…in 1995 was “If You Love Me” – for which they earned a Billboard Music Award AND a Grammy nom? (which Charmayne KILLS the vocals on that song, BTW) – MYYY Favorite Brownstone song of all time…and will always be: Grapevyne!!!

Yall Get Into this Powerhouse Group and awesome song below!!

Again, RIP Charmayne. And if there is something else to be found out about your unfortunate passing, by way of a broken wine glass cutting your neck?…I sure hope everything comes to light!! Because this news here? #SAD


TMI? I think Not. That was just enough!

Do I Love You? Yes I Do. (Kisses)

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