CiCi Calls Off The Wedding With Future


It has been reported that Ciara called off her engagement after she caught Future cheating on her with his stylist Tyrina Lee. Whom he went on tour with while Ciara was in labor with their son.

A source said CiCi was desperate to have his baby in order to compete with his other baby mamas.
The source added “She’s devastated. Ciara’s focus now is the baby.”

Smh. A baby NEVER MAKES a man stay. That was a very naive way of thinking. But nonetheless, a learning f*cking experience.
She got caught up in her feelings. And it just sounds like he’s a fan of p*ssy (Like every man). That man already has what 2 or 3 Other baby mothers…..

And compete for what?  His attention? You should get his attention effortlessly. He obviously found time to give that b*tch some.

CiCi will be alright. You’re Ciara! You’ll have a date offer by Saturday.

Time waits for no one. Keep living your life.

-US Weekly

Tyga And Blac Chyna……The Wedding Is Off!!


via TMZ

Tyga and baby mama Blac Chyna have split.

Sources close to the former pair tell TMZ … Tyga’s the one who called it quits. It’s unclear why he threw in the towel.

We’re told Blac Chyna isn’t acknowledging the breakup — she’s in denial — and some of her stuff is still at the house.

We’re told Tyga hosted two pool parties at their home in the last few weeks (including one for Kylie Jenner’s birthday) but she wasn’t invited to either


Oh no!! Not she’s in denial. Smh.
I could understand though. She loves that man. It probably hasn’t hit her yet.
I wonder what happened….. Hmmmm.

Robin Williams Commits Suicide…SMH


Actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his home in California. He was 63.

The coroner suspects suicide due to asphyxia (lack of oxygen).

Those close to him said he was suffering from severe depression.
He was last seen alive at his house at 10 PM Sunday night.

Robin’s last tweet was on July 31 , wishing his daughter Zelda Rae a happy 25th birthday and posted a #tbt instagram pic of himself
holding her.

Wow. You never know what people hold inside. Making people laugh while hurting inside.

I don’t agree with suicide though, there’s other ways to deal with situations. Some people aren’t built tough enough to deal with their troubles and demons…. i guess.

Sad… R.I.P

Weekend Recap….


Future and baby Future posting flicks on daddy’s Instagram.
Aww proud daddy.



Lil Kim reveals that she will be collaborating with Iggy Azalea on an upcoming track.

Speaking of Kim… she also hit us with the release date of her Hard Core Mixtape.


Can’t wait to hear that..



On Friday Drake and Lil Wayne kicked off the Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour in Buffalo New York. The tour is very interactive with the fans. Its dope how they have it set up. They get to vote on who they think won the “battle”. The results are in and Wayne won the first night of the tour. 

Lil Kim Is Still Coming For Nicki…. Listen To This


Lil Kim said she is not done with Nicki Minaj just yet…. She releases her new track “Identity Theft.”

Be careful what yall wish for cuz now she’s pissed off. I would of left that part out. It’s whack. Lol

Shorty said:

“You swagger jackers give the game a bad look/ Pop shit on Twitter and apologize on Facebook/And now they want to send me requests tellin’ me that I’m simply the best/ I won’t stop til I see my enemies rest/ They’ll probably get locked up for identity theft/ I ain’t got time for bum b-tches/ The gun kitted/ I come with it/ Anything you trying to do, I done did it/ I let you live for a while/ But I ain’t done with the crown/ The Queen is back/ B-tches, come get it/ After I drop these flowers for Big off, Imma come and blow ya lid off like Adolf.

Is Kimmie coming off as bitter or na?
I mean me we know she’s a vet in the game. We know her role in hiphop. We respect that. But maybe it’s time to pass the torch. She’ll always be Queen B. But we’re in a whole new era. Idk. Maybe that’s just me.

What yall think about this??

Jay Z’s “Side Chick” Comes For Beyonce…And The B*tch Made A Video!


So this chick Liv (the same b*tch that has been saying for over a year that she and Jay Z had a “connection”) , released a song titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter” addressing Beyonce and HOV, but mainly Beyonce…. And the bi*ch made a video.


Just Look and Listen


Quite frankly, I feel like this hoe is begging for attention. What was the purpose? You want a medal for not f*cking him? All she did was bring attention to her struggling rap career.

Will Beyonce come for that ass?? Lyrically of course lol. 


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