Mysterious White Flags On The Brooklyn Bridge

The NYPD couldn’t be more confused right now.


Someone climbed up the Brooklyn bridge last night or early this morning and replaced the American flags (that are usually there) with 2 white flags. Police are trying to figure out how they managed to get unnoticed by the bridge’s round the clock patrol cars and security cameras.


White flags usually means surrender. So is somebody trying to send a message or no?


So now everyone is turning their attention to the leader of the insurgent group ISIS, Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. Last week he threatened to bring war to NYC.  “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

His threats heightened security alerts in NY. “We don’t take any threat lightly,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.


The flags have been removed. And changed back to the American flag.

Granddaddy Coolio Is Teaming Up With Pornhub For His Next Project

I’m sure NOBODY has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next Coolio album to drop……

But its happening….


At 50 years old he’s making his way into the music business again. Only this time he decided to team up with to release all his new music videos…. ::crickets::

They had an agreement of course. agreed to provide all the “talent” for his smash hit  “Take it to the Hub”  lol  and in return he will debut all his new music on their website.

This is Coolio’s first album since 2009……

I just want to say that Coolio will always be recognized and known by his hair. He’s the only one that has been wearing it like that for 4 decades. So with that being said I think it’s time he lets go of those 2 patches of hair……


Check out this snippet of his new video courtesy of TMZ


New Cast Member Joins Orange Is The New Black Season 3


So for its upcoming 3rd season, the NETFLIX series ‘Orange is the New Black’  decided to add on a new cast member…. former ‘Bad Girl‘ Tanisha.



They just threw her in there huh?

Im kind of excited though. Can’t wait to see her do the scripted jail role….
And I Love That Show! I hope she doesn’t come and f*ck up the Feng Shui and piss me off…

Gucci Raping Trannys Now?!?

Ok so what’s happening here?

ALLEGEDLY Gucci Mane is under investigation for raping a transvestite in Fulton County Jail….. over a pack of cigarettes…..

I don’t know about this one…..


“The victim” Lamar Coleman, who is serving time for prostitution, supposedly reported the rape to prison staff.

Gucci is only serving a 39 month sentence in jail after pleading guilty to a federal firearms charge.

39 months. Do your time and get the f*ck out. Nobody said anything about raping trannys.
Now you in there longer. And the charge is not cute. Congratulations now your going down in history as the serial tranny raper.

Lol. Omg. I’m done. I hope this is a rumor and/or misunderstanding.

Murda Mook Says He Wants To Battle Eminem

During a radio interview Murda Mook talks about his interest in going head to head with Slim Shady.

Mook says…..


“I need Em or one them n*ggas,” (when asked who he wants to battle next) “I’ve been saying Em from the door. For the last five years I’ve been saying, ‘Y’all have to go get Eminem for me. You have to.’”

He goes on to say…

“This is just admiration, wanting to jump in the ring with a n*gga that I feel is incredible. Somebody I feel says things I would never possibly think of saying. His
mind is way different. So for me to have to challenge myself to be able to try to meet that and take it higher, I need Em or somebody of that magnitude.”

Check him out setting himself up with a public loss… its kind of what he wants though..

That ” I know it was about a 99.89% chance I wasn’t going to win. But atleast I put my heart in it.” Kind of thing.

Lol. Na I’m just playing, Mook ain’t whack.

How do yall think that battle will end??


Chuck D Says He’s Not Feeling Ms. I.G.G.Y


Chuck D has never been one to hold his tongue. And he once again proved that in his latest Twitter rant, he expresses another example of his disappointment and disgust with this generation’s usage of the N-word.  This time putting Iggy Azalea on blast for allegedly using it.


“a new straight path to slavery Here comes a endorsed sanctioned CORPlantation artist with A line straight out of 1853,” Chuck writes.


The picture showing Iggy, Drake, T.I. and B.o.B. with the caption “Me and My N*ggas

Now supposedly the words have been changed from the original post. But that didn't stop Chuck from making his speech.

He continues ..

“True or Not the IGGY thing is a reality when you call yourself with the slaveass term that was branded on skin & today marketed, sh*t happens….."

Does anybody feel the same way??


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